A Deep Dive into BTS’ So Long London Lyrics

BTS has been taking the world by storm with their powerful music and captivating performances. One of their latest tracks, “So Long London,” has gained attention for its beautiful and thought-provoking lyrics.

As BTS continues to break boundaries and push the limits of K-pop, it’s no surprise that their lyrics hold a deeper meaning.

In this blog post, we will examine the lyrics of “So Long London Lyrics” and explore the message behind this powerful song. Get ready to dive into the world of BTS and their meaningful music.


“So Long, London”

So long, London (So long, London)
So long, London (So long, London)
So long, London (So long, London)I saw in my mind fairy lights through the mist
I kept calm and carried the weight of the rift
Pulled him in tighter each time he was drifting away
My spine split from carrying us up the hill
Wet through my clothes, weary bones caught the chill
I stopped trying to make him laugh, stopped trying to drill the safe
Thinking how much sad did you think I had
Did you think I had in me?
Oh, the tragedySo long, London
You’ll find someone

I didn’t opt in to be your odd man out
I founded the club she’s heard great things about
I left all I knew, you left me at the house by the Heath
I stopped CPR, after all, it’s no use
The spirit was gone, we would never come to
And I’m pissed off you let me give you all that youth for free

For so long, London
Stitches undone
Two graves, one gun
I’ll find someone

And you say I abandoned the ship
But I was going down with it
My white-knuckle dying grip
Holding tight to your quiet resentment
And my friends said it isn’t right to be scared
Every day of a love affair
Every breath feels like rarest air
When you’re not sure if he wants to be there
So how much sad did you think I had
Did you think I had in me?
How much tragedy?
Just how low did you think I’d go
Before I’d self-implode?
Before I’d have to go be free?

You swore that you loved me, but where were the clues?
I died on the altar waiting for the proof
You sacrificed us to the gods of your bluest days
And I’m just getting color back into my face
I’m just mad as hell ’cause I loved this place

For so long, London (So long, London)
Had a good run (Had a good run)
A moment of warm sun (Moment of warm sun)
But I’m not the one (I’m not the one)

So long, London (So long, London)
Stitches undone (Stitches undone)
Two graves, one gun (Two graves, one gun)
You’ll find someone (You’ll find)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind “So Long London”?

The song explores themes of farewell, personal growth, and the bittersweet nature of moving on from a significant phase in life, with London symbolizing a place of memories and lessons learned.

Who wrote “So Long London”?

The credits for the song’s lyrics, composition, and production typically involve BTS members along with a team of talented producers and songwriters, but specific details can vary per track.

Is “So Long London” part of an album?

Yes, “So Long London” is part of BTS’s discography and contributes to the narrative and musical journey of the album it belongs to. The specific album details are best checked on official BTS platforms for the most accurate information.

Have BTS performed “So Long London” live?

BTS is known for their dynamic live performances, and they often include their latest tracks in concert setlists. For current performance details of “So Long London,” it’s recommended to check their official concert and event schedules.

Where can I watch the music video for “So Long London”?

The official music video for “So Long London” can be found on BTS’s official YouTube channel, alongside other music videos, behind-the-scenes content, and more, providing a visual complement to the song’s themes.


Through our exploration of “So Long London,” we’ve delved deep into its lyrical significance, emotional depth, and the unique connection it forms with fans.

This song adds to the rich tapestry of BTS’ discography and showcases their ability to evoke solid and relatable emotions through their music.

As we’ve seen, “So Long London” is more than just a farewell; it reflects growth, change, and the impact of places on our lives.

BTS continues to impress with their artistry, leaving fans eagerly awaiting what’s next in their musical journey.

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