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“Sprinter” is a song by British rappers Dave and Central Cee, released on June 1, 2023. The track features a guitar-led, subtle drill beat with Latin influences and debuted at number one on the UK Singles Chart, becoming Dave’s third number-one single and Central Cee’s first. 

The song’s lyrics touch on the theme of partying with too many girls, needing a van to transport them all. The music video showcases scenes in London and South France, with a cameo by Nigerian artist Slawn. “Sprinter” was the most streamed song on Spotify in the UK in 2023.

Central Cee X Dave – Sprinter Lyrics And Meaning


The mandem too inconsiderate
Five-star hotel, smoking cigarette
Mixin’ codeine up with the Phenergan
She got thick but she wanna get thin again
Drinkin’ apple cider vinegar
Wearin’ SKIM ’cause she wanna be Kim and ’em
Uh, alright


These lyrics describe a scene where someone is staying at a five-star hotel, being inconsiderate, and smoking a cigarette. They mention mixing codeine with Phenergan, which are both medications used to treat cough and cold symptoms but are also used recreationally for their sedative effects.

The lyrics also mention someone wanting to lose weight, drinking apple cider vinegar, and wearing SKIMS, possibly indicating a desire to emulate Kim Kardashian and her body image.


I know that you’re bad, stop actin’ innocent
We ain’t got generational wealth
It’s only a year that I’ve had these millions
My whip could’ve been in the Tokyo Drift ’cause it’s fast and furious
I went from the Toyota Yaris to Urus
They had their chance but blew it
Now this gyal want me in her uterus
Fuck it, I’m rich, let’s do it (fuck it)


These lyrics express a sense of defiance and confidence, highlighting the speaker’s awareness of their own flaws and the challenges they face. The line “I know that you’re bad, stop actin’ innocent” suggests a level of skepticism or distrust towards someone pretending to be innocent. The mention of “generational wealth” implies that the speaker comes from a background without substantial inherited wealth.

The next lines reflect on the speaker’s recent financial success, noting that they have only had significant wealth for a short period of time (“It’s only a year that I’ve had these millions”). The reference to “Tokyo Drift” and “fast and furious” suggests that the speaker’s car is now very fast and impressive, symbolizing their newfound status and success. The mention of upgrading from a Toyota Yaris to a Lamborghini Urus further emphasizes this point.

The lyrics also touch on relationships, with the line “Now this gyal want me in her uterus” suggesting that someone is now interested in the speaker because of their wealth. The speaker’s response, “Fuck it, I’m rich, let’s do it,” indicates a willingness to indulge in this newfound attention and luxury. Overall, the lyrics convey a mix of bravado, self-awareness, and a reflection on the changes that come with newfound wealth and success.

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Take a look at these diamonds wrong
It’s a life of squintin’, can’t just stare
With bae through thick and thin
She already thick, so I’m halfway there
Brown and bad
Couldn’t change my mind, I was halfway there
One hundred meters, huh
I just put nine gyal in a Sprinter (uh)
One hundred eaters


These lyrics suggest a narrative of success and abundance, with references to wealth, relationships, and personal confidence. The mention of “diamonds wrong” could imply that despite challenges or imperfections, the speaker is still able to appreciate their life and surroundings.

The line “With bae through thick and thin, she already thick, so I’m halfway there” suggests a supportive relationship, possibly with someone who is already successful or fulfilling, making the speaker feel closer to their goals. “Brown and bad” likely refers to a woman who is attractive and confident.

“Couldn’t change my mind, I was halfway there” could mean that the speaker is determined and committed to their path. “One hundred meters” might symbolize a distance or achievement, and “I just put nine gyal in a Sprinter” could mean the speaker has successfully attracted or charmed several women. “One hundred eaters” could be a boastful statement about the speaker’s ability to attract or provide for many people. Overall, the lyrics seem to convey a sense of confidence, success, and enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

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They won’t fit in one SUV (nah)
S-O-S, somebody rescue me
I got too many gyal, too many-many gyal, I got
They can last me the next two weeks (uh, huh)
Alright, like send the address through, please
SUV, the outside white
The inside brown like Michael Jack’
More time, man build a line and trap
Spend like I don’t even like my stack
Pistol came on a Irish ferry
Let go and it sound like a tap dance


These lyrics depict a scene of excess and indulgence, with the speaker boasting about having too many girls and material possessions. The reference to not fitting in one SUV suggests a lavish lifestyle, while the mention of an SOS call for rescue could indicate feeling overwhelmed.

The lines about the SUV being white outside and brown inside like Michael Jackson’s skin color is a controversial comparison. The lyrics also touch on spending money freely and references to violence with the mention of a pistol.


The way that I ball
No yellow, the ref have to give me a black card
Who did what we’re doin’ with rap?
Man couldn’t sell out his show after all them years of doin’ the cap
Sprinter, two gyal in a van
Inter, two man in Milan
Heard one of my tings datin’ P. Diddy
Need twenty percent of whatever she bags
Outside, my head in my hands
I told her my name is Cench


These lyrics suggest a boastful and confident attitude, with references to success and luxury. The mention of “balling” implies living extravagantly, while the line about the referee giving a “black card” instead of a yellow suggests a disregard for rules or consequences.

The reference to someone dating P. Diddy indicates a connection to the music industry and the potential for financial gain. Overall, the lyrics portray a lifestyle of wealth, fame, and ambition.


She said, “No, the one on your birth certificate”
Your boyfriend ran from that diamond test
‘Cause they weren’t legitimate (nah)
She Turkish-Cypriot but her curves Brazilian
I want her and bro wants her affiliate
I’m cheap, still hit a chick like, “Yo, can I borrow your Netflix?”
She a feminist, she think I’m sexist


These lyrics seem to depict a playful yet provocative narrative. The speaker refers to a woman, possibly in a romantic context, who is assertive and confident, highlighting her mixed heritage (Turkish-Cypriot and Brazilian). The mention of a diamond test suggests a past encounter where someone tried to avoid responsibility or commitment.

The reference to borrowing Netflix implies a casual attitude towards relationships or dating, contrasting with the mention of feminism and perceived sexism, adding layers to the complexity of the relationship dynamic being portrayed.


Twistin’ my words, I think she dyslexic
Give me my space, I’m intergalactic
Before I give you my Insta password
I’ll give you the pin to my AmEx
Huh, alright


These lyrics suggest a sense of frustration and boundary-setting in a relationship. The speaker feels misunderstood, comparing their partner’s twisting of their words to a symptom of dyslexia. They assert their need for space, likening themselves to something vast and cosmic.

The mention of giving their partner access to their Instagram password and American Express pin highlights the trust and intimacy they’re willing to share, albeit reluctantly (“Before I give you…”). Overall, the lyrics convey a mix of assertiveness, vulnerability, and a desire for understanding.


This ain’t stainless steel, it’s platinum
Dinner table, I got manners, huh
T-shirt tucked in, napkin
“Still loadin'” that’s the caption
I’ve only amounted a minimal fraction
Eat good, I got indigestion
Bare snow in my hood, no Aspen
Can’t get rid of my pain with Aspirin


These lyrics seem to convey a message of personal growth and success, contrasting the speaker’s current status with their past struggles. The mention of “stainless steel” versus “platinum” suggests a progression from something ordinary to something valuable and precious. The reference to having manners at the dinner table could symbolize a sense of refinement or maturity.

The line “Still loadin'” could imply that the speaker is still in the process of achieving their goals. The mention of “indigestion” despite eating well could suggest that success has its own challenges and difficulties. The reference to “Bare snow in my hood, no Aspen” could imply a lack of luxury or glamour in the speaker’s environment. Overall, the lyrics seem to reflect on the complexities of success and the challenges that come with it.


Dave just came in a Aston, I’m makin’ that Maybach Music (Maybach Music)
They’re tryna insult my intelligence, sometimes I may act stupid
I never went Uni, I been on a campus selling cocaine to students
If bro let the drumstick beat
Then something gon’ leak, we ain’t playin’ exclusive
Take a look at these diamonds wrong
It’s a life of squintin’, can’t just stare
With bae through thick and thin
She already thick, so I’m halfway there
Brown and bad
Couldn’t change my mind, I was halfway there
One hundred meters, huh


These lyrics from Central Cee’s song “Sprinter” touch on themes of success, intelligence, education, relationships, and perseverance. Central Cee talks about his wealth, alluding to driving an Aston Martin and referencing Maybach Music, a symbol of luxury. He addresses criticism of his intelligence, acknowledging that he may act foolish at times.

Central Cee also mentions his past involvement in selling drugs, highlighting a darker aspect of his life. The lyrics suggest a sense of resilience and determination, as he navigates through life’s challenges, including his relationship and personal growth.


I just put nine gyal in a Sprinter (uh)
One hundred eaters
They won’t fit in one SUV (nah)
S-O-S, somebody rescue me
I got too many gyal, too many-many gyal, I got
They can last me the next two weeks (uh, huh)
Alright, like send the address through, please
Fire for a wife beater
Can’t rock with that, I ain’t wearin’ a vest
Man have to send her therapy
She got a E-cup bra, a lot on her chest
I’m in Jamaica, Oracabess’
Hit a lick, went Cash Converters
That don’t work, it’s pawn, no chess
I’m doin’ more and talkin’ less
I love chillin’ with broke bitches
Man book one flight and they all impressed (alright)


These lyrics depict a scene of luxury, excess, and casual relationships. The artist talks about fitting nine women in a Sprinter van, indicating a lavish lifestyle. He mentions having too many women to handle, implying a carefree attitude towards relationships.

The reference to Jamaica and Oracabess suggests a tropical, carefree setting. The mention of going to Cash Converters and pawn shops suggests a disregard for traditional wealth indicators, instead focusing on experiences and freedom. The lyrics overall convey a sense of freedom, indulgence, and a rejection of societal norms.


I’m in the G63
The car hug me like a friend through twist and turns
Man livin’ for nyash and dyin’ for nyash, it’s fucked
Don’t know which one’s worse, I’m fucked
Bags in his and hers
What’s hers is hers, what’s mine is too
Heard that girl is a gold digger


These lyrics describe a luxurious lifestyle, possibly reflecting on the rapper’s success and material possessions. The mention of the G63, a high-end car, suggests wealth and status. The line “Man livin’ for nyash and dyin’ for nyash” refers to the obsession with physical attributes, particularly the buttocks, highlighting superficiality.

The mention of “bags in his and hers” and the concept of ownership (“what’s hers is hers, what’s mine is too”) implies a relationship dynamic involving material possessions. The reference to a “gold digger” suggests caution or cynicism towards relationships motivated by wealth.


It can’t be true if she dated you
AP baby blue, paper’s pink
I’d probably hate me too
You ever spent six figures and stared at bae like
“Look what you made me do”?
Yeah, (alright) started with a Q, didn’t wait in line
Weird, I’m askin’ my Blasian one
“Why you so focused on your Asian side?”
I know that the jack boys pray that they get to the clubs and Dave’s inside


These lyrics convey a sense of self-awareness and reflection on the speaker’s past actions and relationships. The mention of luxury items like an AP (Audemars Piguet) watch and the color scheme of baby blue and pink suggests a lavish lifestyle.

The line “I’d probably hate me too” indicates a recognition of how the speaker’s behavior might be perceived by others. The reference to spending six figures and feeling a sense of resentment or regret suggests a complex relationship dynamic.

The mention of Blasian heritage and questioning of why someone focuses on their Asian side adds a layer of introspection and cultural identity exploration. The mention of “jack boys” praying to get into clubs where “Dave’s inside” could refer to the speaker’s popularity and influence in certain circles.

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Dave – Sprinter Videos

Also Knowledge These FAQs Helpful For You

Is “Sprinter” a drill song? 

“Sprinter” is indeed a drill song, known for its gritty beats and raw, storytelling lyrics often associated with the drill genre.

How many streams does “Sprinter” have? 

“Sprinter” has garnered millions of streams, reflecting its popularity among listeners.

Who are Dave and Central Cee? 

Dave is a British rapper known for his introspective lyrics and socially conscious themes. Central Cee is also a British rapper, known for his energetic flow and distinctive voice.

How many songs does Central Cee have? 

Central Cee has released several songs, showcasing his versatility and talent as an artist.

How is Central Cee so popular? 

Central Cee’s popularity can be attributed to his unique style, relatable lyrics, and ability to connect with his audience.

Is Central Cee a drill singer? 

Yes, Central Cee is known for his drill music, which has contributed to his rise in the music industry.

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