A Move Of God Is On The Way (Lyrics)

A Move of God is on the Way is a gospel song by Norman Hutchins, released in 2006 on his album “Where I Long to Be.” It’s a popular choice for praise and worship, expressing optimism and faith in the coming of a positive change brought by God. The song is known for its upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics.
It speaks of feeling a breakthrough coming your way, with signs and wonders, miracles on the horizon. It urges listeners to “hold on” and trust that God is working, bringing blessings despite challenging times. Beyond its lyrics, “A Move of God is on the Way” has gained recognition through various recordings and performances.
Notably, it’s been covered by other gospel artists and featured in compilations like Leading Men of Gospel Vol. 1. It also has its music video, further amplifying its message of hope and faith. A Move Of God Is On The Way. Whether you’re a gospel music fan or simply seeking inspiration, “A Move of God is on the Way” offers a message of encouragement and belief in a brighter future.

(Lyrics) A Move Of God Is On The Way

Lyrics A Move Of God Is On The Way

I feel a breakthrough
Coming your way
It’s a mighty move of God
It’s gonna change your day
Signs and wonders
Miracles to perform
God is gonna bless you
For just holding on


{In these lyrics, a palpable sense of optimism and faith permeates as the singer conveys the imminent arrival of a positive breakthrough, which is attributed to the divine. Described as a mighty move of God, the anticipated transformation is expected to be significant, promising to bring about a considerable change in the listener’s life.

The mention of signs, wonders, and miracles suggests a belief in the extraordinary, emphasizing a supernatural aspect to this impending shift. The singer becomes a source of encouragement, urging the listener to maintain steadfastness, assuring them that their endurance will be rewarded with blessings from God.

Amidst the anticipation of a divine transformation, there is a subtle acknowledgment of the possibility that you’re gonna up and leave. The lyrics encapsulate a message of resilience, hope, and faith in the face of challenges, painting a vivid picture of an impending positive turn of events.}


Just hold on
Change is coming
Feel it in the air
It’s in the atmosphere
Just hold on
Change is coming
A move of God is on the way


{The lyrics exude a spirit of optimism and resilience, urging listeners to persevere through challenging times. The recurring refrain, “Just hold on,” serves as a rallying cry for strength and endurance. The singer believes in the inevitability of change, emphasizing that it is palpable in the air and within the atmosphere.

This anticipation of transformation is not just a mere shift but is portrayed as a significant and positive force. The mention of “A move of God is on the way” adds a layer of spiritual or divine expectation, suggesting that a powerful and benevolent force is orchestrating the forthcoming change.

Overall, the lyrics inspire hope and confidence in the face of uncertainty, encouraging individuals to embrace the imminent positive shift with faith and fortitude.}


You’ve been expecting
A change in your life
Looking for your midnight
To turn to sunshine
It’s gonna happen
You wait and see
All things are possible
To them that believe

A move of God is on the way


{The lyrics convey a message of hope and optimism, suggesting that a positive change is on the horizon. The singer encourages the listener to anticipate a transformation in their life, moving from a metaphorical “midnight” (symbolizing challenges or darkness) to “sunshine” (representing brightness and positivity).

The lyrics express faith in the belief that positive things will happen and reassure that with patience, all things are possible. The mention of A Shelter In The Time Of Storm in the hymn implies a divine intervention or a powerful force that will bring about positive change. Overall, the message is one of encouragement and faith in a better future, echoing the sentiments of finding refuge and security in God’s steadfast presence amidst life’s storms.}

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