Alag Aasmaan Lyrics – Anuv Jain

The song Alag Aasmaan was released in 2020. Singer Anuv Jain lent his vocals to the track. He wrote the lyrics of Alag Aasmaan and composed the music as well. 

The lyrics truly came from the heart as Anuv penned them himself. Though Anuv takes care of the music label that released the song under his own name, his talent shone through on this soulful number.

Song Credits:

MusicAngad Singh Bahra
SingerAnuv Jain
Released30 July 2020
SongwriterAnuv Jain
LabelAnuv Jain

Alag Aasmaan Lyrics:

Nayi nahi hai yeh baatein wahi

Phir is mod par hum mile hai

Na jaane ab milenge hum kabhi

Toh ruk jao ek pal yahan pe


It seems these things or situations aren’t new or different, they’ve happened before is what the first line says. Even though we’ve come across each other in this manner before, there’s no knowing when we’ll meet again like this, according to the next two lines.

So the last line suggests stopping or waiting for a moment here since we don’t know when such a chance will come again. Seems like someone is reluctant to part ways right away as they can’t predict the next time they’ll see the other person in the same way. It has an uncertain yet hopeful vibe to it.

Yeh narm chadaron ki silvatein

Tujhe abhi bula rahi hai

Na jao door inse ye kahein

Yeh sukoon kahan pe hai hasil?


These lines talk about the gentle cool breeze. It seems the breeze is calling out to the person right now. It asks them not to go too far, wondering where this peace can be found. There’s a sense of comfort in the calm night air under the soft trees.

The person is being urged to stay a while longer, as if whatever peace they find here will be lost if they leave. It’s really capturing that feeling we sometimes get of wanting to hold on to a peaceful moment a little longer before it passes.

Dil ko mere yeh hai pata

Ke milon ka yeh faasla hai

Alag Aasmaan bhi hai toh kya?

Yeh dil na maane


The person knows in their heart that this distance between meetings is difficult. Even though they may be under different skies now, their heart doesn’t accept the separation. While physically apart, the distance still feels hard to bear.

The heart continues to hold on to the connection, not willing to accept that they are separated, despite being in different places now. It seems the verses express how even physical distance can’t lessen the longing in one’s heart for meeting again.

Ye gaadiyon ki aisi daud sa

Tera bhi dil daudta hai

Ha ja rahe ho door tum toh kya?

Main hi toh dil ka musafir

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These lines talk about how fast the trains move, but also how fast the heart races. It seems even though the person is physically leaving and going far away, their heart will continue travelling with the other person. Wherever the trains take their body, their heart remains the traveller of the other’s heart.

There’s a sense of one person departing but their heart staying connected. It’s almost like saying no matter how far you travel in distance, my heart will continue journeying with you as an emotional companion. The heart remains each other’s passenger even when physically separated by the distances.

Toh ek baar phir tu hans jara

Dekh le meri in aankho mein

Main kaid kar loon har woh pal tera

Teri yeh baatein, jo hain


These lines ask the person to smile once more. There is a request to look into the speaker’s eyes again. It seems they want to imprison and cherish every moment spent with the other person through their words and conversations. The verses express a longing to hold on to the joy and little glimpses shared between them.

It conveys a feeling of treasuring the intimacy of their connection and not wanting to forget even the smallest of exchanged smiles or glances from times spent together in the past. Overall it provides a sense of fondly reminiscing better days and wishing they could preserve those special memories.

Toh aur kya hai yeh baatein bata?

Kyun ab din bhi dhalta nahi ye na ho toh?


The lines ask what more is there left to say. There seems to be an underlying sense of the day coming to an end and things wrapping up between the people speaking. There’s a hint of sadness that the times shared are passing by quickly and coming nightfall will further separate them.

It’s almost like they want to prolong the conversation and delay the inevitable parting of ways, even if just for a little longer. An air of nostalgia permeates as daylight begins to fade, signaling the closure of another chapter.

Tum ude ja rahe

Yeh aasmaan mein

Khidkiyon se dekh tu pahadon ko

Yun chote se lage

Hai kitne bade jo ho samne


These lines talk about the person leaving and flying up into the sky. It asks the other to look at the mountains from the window, which seem so small even though they are actually large. There seems to be a sense of perspective – how distances can make even grand things appear tiny.

Just like the real size of the mountains is hidden by their distance, perhaps the grand journey that lies ahead also seems smaller than it is when viewed from inside these four walls. It gently evokes how perspectives can change when physically removing oneself from a situation to gain a bird’s eye view.

Door jo hai khade

Unhe bhi ye humari zindagi

Yun titliyon si choti choti si lage

Hai kitni badi nahi jaante


The lines talk about people standing far away. It says that even their lives may seem small and insignificant like butterflies from a distance. But what is not known is how vast and meaningful they actually are. There seems to be a reminder that we shouldn’t judge or underestimate others based solely on outward appearances.

Someone or something that appears tiny and fleeting from afar could have depth and substance we fail to see. It encourages looking beyond surface views and remembering that distant lives may hold more significance than what meets the eye.

Khaali ghar tera

Yeh chabiyon ki goonj aise

Tujhe dara rahi, tu darna nahi

Main hoon yahin par


These lines talk about how the person’s empty home must feel so lonely, with just the echo of the trees whispering and reminding them of what’s missing. It’s like the person can sense their absence is causing the other to feel unsettled and afraid of being alone. But they reassure that there’s no need to feel scared, because even though not physically there, they are still right beside them in spirit.

It gently conveys how distance doesn’t diminish the bond or break the connection – the presence of care, comfort and support continues through memory and emotion even when apart. A soothing message to not feel lonely or afraid in solitude, for the heart remains close.

Ab Alag Aasmaan hai

Aur hai zameen bhi kuch alag si

Par miloge jab kabhi, toh dekhna tabhi

Main kuch alag nahi

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These lines acknowledge that now they are under different skies and lands as well. But it reassures that whenever they meet again, they will see that the speaker remains the same person. Even though distances and surroundings may change, their bond and essence won’t falter.

A message of continuity – that no matter how much else alters around them, at the core they will still be connected through who they are to each other. It comforts that time and separation cannot redefine what truly matters between close ones.


The soulful lyrics of Alag Aasmaan reflect on the bittersweet feelings associated with change and separation. While acknowledging the physical distances that may come, the poem reassures that the deepest human connections of love, care, comfort and shared memories are not weakened by time or geography alone. At their heart, true bonds remain unchanged regardless of where life’s journey may lead.

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