FE!N (feat. Playboi Carti) lyrics – Travis Scott

“FE!N” is a collaborative track between Travis Scott and Playboi Carti. Scott diverges somewhat from his usual style, blending hip hop elements with melodic incorporations and emotive vocals. 

Carti contributes an animated feature, escalating the pace through distinctive vocal flourishes and varied melodic patterns.

Through their combined execution, the artists craft a stylistically fusion-oriented atmosphere. Repeat listens reveal intricacies within the lyrics and sonic pallette that maintain audience engagement. 

This partnership displays Scott’s openness to experimentation and spotlight emerging talents such as Carti. 

Their synchronous presence on “FE!N” yields a multilayered musical experience warranting consideration from listeners interested in examining creative partnerships within this genre.

Song Credits 

Song TitleFein Utopia
Featured ArtistsPlayboi Carti, Travis Scott
Travis Scott’s Fein Count6 times at the end of the song
Travis Scott’s Age32 years old
Trippy Red’s Age24 years old
Lead SingersPlayboi Carti, Travis Scott
Lyrics WritersTravis Scott, Playboi Carti, Sheck Wes & Jahaan Sweet

FE!N (feat. Playboi Carti) lyrics

[Intro: Travis Scott & Sheck Wes]

Just come outside

For the night (Yeah)

Take your time

Get your light (Yeah)

Johnny Dang

Yeah, yeah

I been out geeking



The introduction encourages coming outside for the night and taking one’s time to get ready. It references two artists, Travis Scott and Sheck Wes, celebrating and partying. 

The lyrics mention a person named Johnny Dang and talk about being in an excited and euphoric state while enjoying oneself. Overall, it sets the scene and mood for having a fun night out.

[Chorus: Playboi Carti, Sheck Wes & Travis Scott]

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (Yeah)

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (Yeah)

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Fiend, fiend (Yeah), fiend, fiend, fiend

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The chorus repeats the word “fiend” multiple times in a melodic fashion. Sung by Playboi Carti, Sheck Wes and Travis Scott, it paints a portrait of intense craving or addiction.  The repetition of “fiend” emphasizes the compelling desire or dependency being described. 

Combined with the artists involved, the lyrics seem to reference feeding an insatiable appetite for partying, drugs, or other hedonistic behaviors associated with that scene and genre of music. Overall, it underscores a theme of relentless or intense longing through a repetitious musical hook.

[Verse 1: Travis Scott & Sheck Wes]

The career’s more at stake when you in your prime (At stake)

F**k that paper, baby, my face on the dotted line (Dot, yeah)

I been flying out of town for some peace of mind (Yeah, yeah, b!tch)

It’s like always they just want a piece of mine (Ah)

I been focused on the future, never on right now (Ah)

What I’m sipping not kombucha, either pink or brown (It’s lit)

I’m the one that introduced you to the you right now (Mmm, let’s go)

Oh my God

That b!tch biting (That b!tch biting)

Well, alright (Alright)

Tryna vibe (I’m tryna vibe this)

In the night

Come alive

Ain’t asleep

Ain’t a— Ain’t a— Ain’t— Ain’t— Ain’t—


In this verse, Travis Scott and Sheck Wes reflect on the pressures of being successful artists. They refer to their careers being more at risk when in their prime commercial period. 

Scott indicates a willingness to commit fully by signing contracts. Both artists express taking flights out of town to find mental clarity and peace of mind, as their fame seems to attract unwanted attention from others seeking parts of their success.

Scott emphasizes focusing on the future rather than living in the moment. The references to pink or brown drinks likely refer to recreational drugs or alcohol to relax. 

The verse closes by describing vibing at night to stay energized and letting loose. Overall, the lyrics convey the challenges of maintaining creativity and balance amidst industry demands through escapism.

[Chorus: Playboi Carti]

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend


The chorus consists solely of repetitively singing the word “fiend” multiple times in succession. Playboi Carti’s melodic delivery of this single term creates a hypnotic effect. Through its repetition without other lyrics, the chorus emphasizes an intense craving, desire or addiction being referenced by the lyrical hook. 

The relentless reiteration of “fiend” portrays an unrelenting or compelling urge that is the focal point of this musical section. It underscores a theme of fixation or obsession through an entrancingly repetitive melodic structure. 

The chorus draws significant focus to the single word through its stark minimalism, captivating the listener in a trance-like state Fixated on the expressive term and its implications.

[Bridge: Playboi Carti]

Syrup, woah, what?


(Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)

What? (Yeah)

Woah, woah (Yeah, yeah)

(Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)

Hit, yeah, hold up (Yeah)


The bridge features additional vocals from Playboi Carti with references to syrup and questions of “what?”. The questioning inflections add an element of intrigue. Carti’s articulation of “woah” twice echoes the feeling of being amazed, stunned or awe-struck. 

The repetition of “Homixide” implies celebrating with friends. The bridge maintains an enigmatic tone through Carti’s varied delivery aimed at holding the listener’s focus. 

Breaking up the verses and chorus, it provides a melodic and thoughtful interlude of swirling thoughts around indulgence and camaraderie hinted at in preceding lyrics. The closing “hit, yeah, hold up” leaves the section on a note of anticipation for what’s yet to come.

[Verse 2: Playboi Carti]

Yeah, I just been popping my sh!t and getting it live, hold up (Sh!t)

Yeah, you try to come wrong ’bout this sh!t

We popping your tires, hold up (Sh!t)

Uh, hundred round (Woah), feeling like I’m on ten

Playing both sides with these hoes (Hold up)

Shorty, I’m f**king your friend (Hold up)

I’ve been going crazy, shorty, I’ve been in the deep end

She not innocent, uh, she just tryna go—


In this verse, Playboi Carti continues expressing an unapologetically brash attitude. He brags about successfully performing and living an exciting lifestyle. There are implicit warnings against messing with him or his popularity, referring to retaliation through violence. 

Carti boasts about being in an empowered state where nothing can stop him, “feeling like I’m on ten” or at the top of his game. The lyrics take on a self-indulgent tone as he references juggling different romantic interests simultaneously in a playboy fashion. 

An undercurrent of danger exists throughout the verse as Carti portrays an unchained, thrill-seeking mentality embracing the extremes of chaos and pleasure. He maintains an aura of mystery fitting the song’s themes through the verse’s provocative and ambiguous language.

[Chorus: Playboi Carti & Travis Scott]

Fiend (Talking ’bout), fiend, fiend (Yeah), fiend, fiend (Syrup, oh, oh, what? Syrup)

Fiend, fiend (Syrup), fiend, fiend, fiend (Oh, oh)

Fiend, fiend (Talking bout), fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend (Talking ’bout, let’s go)

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The chorus returns with additional vocals from Travis Scott collaborating with Playboi Carti. They continue chanting the core lyrical hook of “fiend, fiend, fiend” in melodic cadences. 

Carti adds supplementary lines referencing “syrup” and questioning “what?” throughout, maintaining the chorus’ enigmatic quality. Their synchronized delivery enhances the hypnotic effect of the relentlessly repeated central term against Travis Scott’s ad libs. 

As with previous repetitions, this emphasizes an intense craving or compulsion through stark minimalism. However, the collaborative nature and supplemental phrases add new layers of intrigue to potentially symbolic lyrics. 

The chorus retains its function of captivating listeners in a dreamlike state focused on unpacking the implications driving this fixation conveyed through atmospheric repetition.

[Verse 3: Playboi Carti & Travis Scott]

I just been icing my hoes

I just been dripping my hoes (Dripping my hoes)

This is a whole ‘nother level, shorty (Oh)

I got these hoes on they toes (Hoes on they toes)

I put the b!tch on the road

She tryna f**k on the O, hold up, hold up

I got this ho with me

She tryna show me something, hold up, hold up (Oh)

I got flows for days

These n!ggas ain’t knowing nothing, hold up, yeah (Oh)

Me and my boy locked in, you know we on one, hold up, uh (Slatt, slatt)

We in the spot going crazy until the sun up

You worried about that ho, that ho done chose up

(Slatt, b!tch-ass)

Uh, pistols all in the kitchen

Can’t give the zip code up, hold up, yeah (Wow)

Fiend, fiend, fiend (Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Yeah)

Why the f**k these n!ggas acting like they know us?

Double O, Cactus, yeah, we towed up (Skrrt, skrrt), uh, yeah

Switch out the bag, these n!ggas get rolled up, hold up

(It’s lit), slatt

Everything lit, hold up, everything Homixide, Homixide (Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)


This verse features vocals from both Playboi Carti and Travis Scott experimenting with various flows. They reference lavish lifestyles of success such as luxurious treats for companions and reaching new levels. 

Carti portrays empowered dominance over others. References to firearms and drugs maintain risks woven through the song. Both artists demonstrate prolific creative talents yet face skepticism from outsiders. 

They come together as close collaborators focused on enjoying popularity to its fullest through all-night indulgence despite any dangers. The verse upholds themes of pleasure-seeking, camaraderie and rebellion amid fame discussed earlier through dynamic interplay between the two rappers. 

The closing hook and brand name acknowledgement leaves the song on an anthemic note of shared brashness.

[Outro: Playboi Carti]

Fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend, fiend

(Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide, Homixide)


The outro consists solely of Playboi Carti repeating the song’s central lyrical hook of “fiend, fiend, fiend” over fading instrumentation. As in previous repetitions of this phrase throughout the song, it encapsulates themes of intense craving, compulsion or addiction. 

The single word is elongated melodically to enthrall listeners once more before the song’s close. Carti finishes by calling out the song and album’s name of “Homixide” further solidifying its brand. The outro mirrors the introductory repetition serving to bookend the listening experience. 

It reinforces for the audience the unrelenting fixations at the core of the song through the musically hypnotic effect of Carti’s hypnotic chanting. Ultimately, it leaves the listener in a thoughtful, lingering state.

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