Part Of Your World Lyrics

Part of Your World is a song from Disney’s The Little Mermaid sung by Ariel. She dreams of living in the human world above the ocean. The lyrics express her desire to be where the people are and participate in activities they engage in on land.

The melodic tone and whimsical lyrics paint a picture of longing to be in a new environment. The repetitive line I wanna be where the people are is catchy and stuck in the listener’s heads. Ariel sees the human world as full of wonders and adventures she wants to explore.

The song advanced the plot by showing Ariel’s motivation to collect trinkets from the human world and eventually trade her voice for legs. Sung with emotion by Jodi Benson, Part of Your World became a fan favorite highlight of the film. It won numerous awards including an Academy Award and showcases the powerful storytelling in Disney movies.

Overview Of Part Of Your World Lyrics

In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel sings Part of Your World to express her wish to experience life on land. Through whimsical lyrics, the song paints a picture of her fascination with the human world above the waves.

Ariel wonders about walking, dancing, and other activities humans partake in daily. Her melody captures both curiosity and longing to join their world on the surface. This powerful musical number effectively conveys Ariel’s motivation to collect trinkets and eventually trade her tail for legs. It remains one of Disney’s most beloved and critically acclaimed songs.

Step By Step Guide To Part Of Your World Lyrics

  • The lyrics describe Ariel’s senses being awakened as she discovers hidden treasures from shipwrecks, fueling her curiosity about the world above the sea. This stirs her longing to experience life on land for herself.
  • Ariel wonders about every aspect of the human world in her song, from walking and running to all the daily activities she observes from afar. She wants to fully explore and participate in the new environment.
  • By singing of her dreams and desire to be part of their world, Ariel takes the first step toward transforming from mermaid to human. The lyrics convey her motivation to ultimately trade her tail for legs through Ursula’s spell.


Look At This Stuff

Isn’t It Neat?

Wouldn’t Ya Think My Collection’s Complete?

Wouldn’t Ya Think I’m The Girl

The Girl Who Has Everything?


Ariel admires her large collection of fascinating human items from the shipwrecks, proudly believing she has many treasures and is unique among her fellow mermaids, yet Ariel still yearns for more experiences from the world above the sea as her interest in humanity’s world continues growing.


Look At This Trove, Treasures Untold

How Many Wonders Can One Cavern Hold?

Lookin’ Around Here You’d Think

Sure, She’s Got Everything


Ariel shows off her extensive hidden trove of collected human treasures filling her cavern, marveling at the countless wonders she has amassed but feeling there are still more mysteries outside her grotto in the human world above the waves that continue calling to her curious adventurous spirit seeking what else lies beyond the ocean’s surface.


I’ve Got Gadgets And Gizmos Aplenty

I’ve Got Whosits And Whatsits Galore

You Want Thingamabobs?

I Got Twenty

But Who Cares?

No Big Deal

I Want More


While proud of her abundant collection of novel human gadgets, gizmos, whosits, whatsits, and twenty thingamabobs, Ariel finds her vast trove of treasures no longer satisfying her growing curiosity about the world above the waves, wanting even more experiences from the surface that now call to her adventurous spirit seeking what else lies beyond the ocean’s depths.


I Wanna Be Where The People Are

I Wanna See, Wanna See ’em Dancing’

Walking’ Around On Those –

What Do Ya Call ’em? Oh, Feet

Flippin’ Your Fins You Don’t Get Too Far

Legs Are Required For Jumpin’, Dancin’

Strolling’ Along Down A –

What’s That Word Again? Street


Longing to experience life on land, Ariel admires humans from afar and wishes to join them using feet instead of fins so she can walk, dance and stroll down streets as they do, curious to live as they live on land rather than remaining confined to swimming in the sea without legs to fully participate in the activities of people on their own two feet on land.


Up Where They Walk, Up Where They Run

Up Where They Stay All Day In The Sun

Wanderin’ Free, Wish I Could Be

Part Of That World


Ariel gazes upward longingly at the world above the waves where humans freely wander land’s warm sun-filled areas, able to run and walk all day without confinement to water as Ariel feels trapped below, dreaming of escaping her aquatic kingdom to explore and experience the joyous world on land that seems to promise greater freedom and happiness than what she has known as a mermaid.


What Would I Give If I Could Live

Out Of These Waters?

What Would I Pay To Spend A Day

Warm On The Sand?


Ariel deeply yearns to experience living on land as a human nears the beach, contemplating how much she would give up or sacrifice from her underwater world to enjoy feeling the warmth of the sun on her skin while relaxing on dry land instead of swimming in the cold sea that now confines her longings to fully join the world above the waves.


Betcha On Land They Understand

Bet They Don’t Reprimand Their Daughters

Bright Young Women, Sick Of Swimming’

Ready To Stand


Tired of the confines of her aquatic kingdom, Ariel envisions life on land with envy, believing humans better understand freedom and individuality as she bets humans allow their daughters more independence than her father, longing to explore beyond the sea as a young mermaid ready for new experiences on her own two feet above the waves instead of always swimming.


When’s It My Turn?

Wouldn’t I Love

Love To Explore That Shore Up Above?

Out Of The Sea, Wish I Could Be

Part Of That World


Growing tired of watching from below, Ariel yearns for adventure on land and wonders when her turn will come to leave her aquatic home and discover all that lies beyond the sea by exploring the shores she sees from afar, dreaming of escaping the watery depths so she can finally be

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