Playboi Carti – EVILJORDAN Lyrics

Title“EVILJ0RDAN” by Playboi Carti
Written byPlayboi Carti, Cardo, Johnny Juliano & DJ Swamp Izzo
Release DateJanuary 15, 2024
Most Popular Song“Magnolia”
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Playboi Carti – EVILJORDAN Lyrics And Summary 


First I go whip out the boat

No, I can’t hit on no brakes

My life is outta control

I’m tellin’ you, nobody’s safe

I’ve been livin’ my life limbo

My ice, it came with a tray

I’m so high, gotta hide my face

This not a rockstar phase


The verses depict a sense of recklessness and lack of restraint, with the narrator suggesting they’re unable to slow down or regain control of their life. They express living on the edge, with indulgence symbolized by luxury items like ice (likely diamonds) and a rockstar lifestyle. 

The narrator implies being in a state of limbo, caught between extremes, and feeling the need to hide their identity, perhaps from the consequences of their actions or the public eye. Overall, it conveys a theme of living dangerously and the consequences that come with it.

I’m a emo thug in my phase

Syrup, syrup, syrup, syrup, tell her to go chase

Monkey nuts, hold me, baby, I got on two chains

Roll another blunt and I might motherfuckin’ faint

Spin on the block, have a pussy nigga stained

I just put on my boots, I ain’t worry about no rain

Put a nigga down, channel 2, frontpage

You was just asking for some change, now you changed

Yeah, I told you, yeah, ’bout that money shit is strange

Fully loaded check, hold up, evil Jordan pay

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The verses depict a persona embracing a rebellious identity, blending elements of “emo” culture with a streetwise demeanour. The repetition of “syrup” suggests a reliance on substances to cope, while references to materialism and violence underscore a tough exterior. 

The narrator asserts dominance and indifference to consequences, emphasizing a shift in power dynamics and a lack of concern for societal norms. Despite the bravado, there’s a hint of vulnerability in the fleeting mention of fainting, adding depth to the character’s complex portrayal.

I put duct tape on my switch, perfect aim

They can’t put me in no job, baby, cause I changed the game

We fuckin’ on the same hoe, but we not the same

Disrespect the five, I put yo’ ass in the food chain (Swamp Izzo!)

Bitch keep calling my phone, she said Ms. Jackson going through her brain (Carti!)

We was just outside dancin’, moving the molly, feelin’ insane (He’s comin’!)

Fuck the bitch so nasty, we going Sephora, then we go pink

She’s not so fuckin’ toxic and she care about what I think

She’s nothing like no other bitches, she care about what I drink

I think she’s a fling, I think she’s a playmaker


The verses depict a sense of rebellion and individuality as the speaker boasts about their unconventional lifestyle. They assert their autonomy by refusing traditional employment, emphasizing their influence on the scene. 

Despite sharing partners, they assert their uniqueness and readiness to defend their honor. The lyrics also touch upon romantic dynamics, with the speaker contrasting a particular woman’s caring nature with others, hinting at a potential relationship. 

Overall, the verses portray a confident, rebellious persona navigating relationships and societal expectations.

She should be on my team, she should get her ring

She ain’t even can be mean, but she command the team

Diamonds they come out the water

My [?] came with a Wraith, the Wraith came with a chauffeur

The chauffeur ready to take me (I am the music!)


The verses depict a sense of admiration and empowerment towards a woman who is seen as deserving recognition and respect. Despite her kindness, she exudes authority and control, symbolized by her command over the team. 

The mention of diamonds emerging from water suggests luxury and opulence, further emphasized by the presence of a chauffeur-driven Wraith, highlighting a lifestyle of privilege and sophistication.

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