Slime You Out Lyrics – Drake ft. SZA

Slime You Out is a collaborative track featured on Drake’s album Her Loss, released in 2022. The song showcases Drake’s signature rap flow alongside the soulful vocals of SZA. While the lyrical content touches on themes of relationships and personal challenges, the melody and production create a smooth, mellow vibe that highlights the artists’ chemistry.

Without directly quoting the lyrics, the song title suggests themes of loyalty and devotion, adding an intriguing layer to the musical partnership between Drake and SZA. Overall, “Slime You Out” offers a glimpse into the artists’ creative synergy and their ability to blend their distinct styles seamlessly.

Slime You Out song

[Intro: Drake]

I don’t know

I don’t know what’s wrong with you girls

I feel like y’all don’t need love, you need somebody who could micromanage you

You know what I’m sayin’? Tell you right from wrong

Who’s smart from who’s the fool

Which utensil to use for which food, like

I got a schedule to attend to, though

I can’t really…


[Verse 1: Drake]

You bitches really get carried away

Makin’ mistakes, then you beg me to stay

Got me wiggin’ on you like I’m Arrogant Tae

You got my mind in a terrible place

Whipped and chained you like American slaves

Act like you not used to Sheraton stays

I met the nigga you thought could replace

How were there even comparisons made?

Bitch, next time, I swear on my grandmother grave

I’m slimin’ you for them kid choices you made

[Refrain: Drake]

Slimin’ you out, slimin’ you out, slimin’ you out

[Verse 2: Drake]

Ayy, this ain’t the littest I could get on you bitches

Send wires on wires on wires like Idris

You lucky that I don’t take back what was given

I could have you on payment plan ’til you’re hundred and fifty

And my slime right here, she got some bars for y’all niggas

So I’ma fall back and let SZA talk her shit for a minute

[Refrain: Drake]

Slimin’ you out, slimin’ you out, slime

[Verse 3: SZA]

Damn, these niggas got me so twisted

How the fuck you so real, but play bitch on my line?

I can feel what you’re spinnin’

Got too much pride to let no burnt nigga slime me out

Pull up, go write about

My night, got time, let’s discuss all those lies about

Frontin’ out here like you diggin’ me out

And I ain’t even cummin’, I’m in and out

And you ain’t ’bout the shit you rappin’ about

And I can spin a ho, I’m airin’ it out

I’m goin’ off like a sawed-off

You tell these hoes you ain’t cuddlin’

But with me, you know you doin’ all that shit

You tellin’ these hoes you ain’t trickin’ off

But with me, you know I’m gon’ get it all

How you niggas get so carried away?

Trippin’ when that dick is barely third place

Fucked out of pity, it’s cute that you lame

Dip ’cause it’s mid, I can’t fake like it’s hangin’

[Refrain: SZA]

Slimin’ you out, I’m slimin’ you out, I’m slimin’ you out

Oh-woah, woah

[Verse 4: Drake]


January, you pretend to see life clearly, yearly

February is the time that you put the evil eye and the pride aside

For the fantasy of gettin’ married, very scary

March got you already second guessin’ titles

April, spring is here and just like a spring, you start to spiral

May brings some warmer days, poolside, gettin’ very tan

June have you movin’ ice cold, goin’ back and forth with a married man

July, that’s when I found out you lied

August, it was “baby” this, “baby” that like you had your tubes tied

September, we fallin’ off, but I’m still the man you tryna win over

October is all about me ’cause your turn should’ve been over

November got you moodboardin’ for next year and you’re single

December the gift-givin’ month and now you wanna rekindle our year

Tryna build trust, showin’ me your DMs, how they tryna bag you

Ironic how the news I got about you ended up bein’ bad news

Get a nigga hit for fifty racks, girl, the beef cost like it’s wagyu

Get a nigga hit, I’ll make his ass see the light like a half-moon

Shout to QC, pretty sure I made Pee M’s like it’s past noon

All I really know is W’s and M’s, life lookin’ like a bathroom

All I really know is M bags like I drove through and ordered fast food

Sayin’ that I’m too guarded with my feelings, who the fuck even asked you?

Seven bodyguards just in case somebody really wanna try and crash through

Don’t know why I listen to you when I hear you talkin’ to me, it’s some half-truths

If I don’t pay your rent, it end up like an old hairstyle, girl, it’s past due

If I don’t—

[Outro: Drake]

Ah-ah-ah, that’s as far as I got


What is the content about?

The content is about the song “Slime You Out” by Drake featuring SZA, from Drake’s 2022 album “Her Loss”. It provides an overview of the song’s themes, artists’ collaboration, and a general sense of the lyrical content without directly quoting lyrics.

What genres are represented in the song?

Based on the description, “Slime You Out” blends Drake’s signature rap flow with SZA’s soulful vocals, suggesting a fusion of hip-hop and R&B genres.

What are some of the themes explored in the song?

While avoiding direct quotes, the summary mentions that the song touches on themes of relationships, personal challenges, loyalty, and devotion.

How is the artists’ chemistry described?

The content states that the song highlights the creative synergy between Drake and SZA, and their ability to blend their distinct styles seamlessly.

What is the overall impression given about the song?

The description portrays “Slime You Out” as a smooth, mellow track that offers a glimpse into the musical partnership between Drake and SZA, showcasing their artistic collaboration.

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