Hotel California Lyrics

The Hotel California lyrics by the Eagles are shrouded in symbolism and ambiguity. The song tells a mysterious story about a group staying at a strange hotel that may or may not be real. The song appears to describe a journey to a mysterious, ominous hotel that represents an escapist dead-end.

The opening lines describe arriving at the hotel and being welcomed to stay forever, hinting at something supernatural. This hooks the listener with an ominous tone and unanswered questions.

While the specific meanings remain ambiguous and up for interpretation, the song as a whole seems to depict the dark side of the American dream and Los Angeles lifestyle, with references to excess and an inability to escape deeper troubles even in paradise. The lyrics have enduring intrigue that has inspired analysis and debate among fans for decades.

Overview Of Hotel California Lyrics

The cryptic lyrics of Hotel California have perplexed listeners since its 1977 release. On the surface, it describes arriving late at night at a lavish hotel, but darker symbolic meanings lurk beneath. The inhabitants seem trapped, indulging in a surreal dystopian dream.

References to colitas, darkness, and a cold empty street hint at the shady side of the American dream. An unsettling unease permeates the atmosphere, with the unheimlich refrain you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave. An enigmatic masterpiece rife with allegory.

Step By Step Guide To Hotel California Lyrics

  • The opening lyrics are hazy and atmospheric, describing arriving at the hotel as the warm smell of colitas rises in the air. It sets an alluring yet ominous tone that draws the listener in. 
  • Inside the hotel, nothing is as it seems. Though bounties are offered, the inhabitants cannot fully experience pleasures or leave. Refraining you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave hints at darker meanings. 
  • Much is ambiguous, but the hotel comes to represent the darker side of the American Dream. References to violence, excess and loss of control paint a disturbing portrait of fame and wealth taking their toll.


On A Dark Desert Highway

Cool Wind In My Hair

Warm Smell Of Colitas

Rising Up Through The Air

Up Ahead In The Distance

I Saw A Shimmering Light

My Head Grew Heavy And My Sight Grew Dim

I Had To Stop For The Night


The weary traveler drove through the lonely desert under the night sky. As the cool wind blew through the open window, the smell of wildflowers wafted in. Though exhaustion was setting in, a strange light ahead kept him going. He pressed on until darkness overtook him and he stopped to rest for the night.

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There She Stood In The Doorway

I Heard The Mission Bell

And I Was Thinking’ To Myself

This Could Be Heaven Or This Could Be Hell

Then She Lit Up A Candle

And She Showed Me The Way

There Were Voices Down The Corridor

I Thought I Heard Them Say


As he walked down the dimly lit hallway, the sounds of voices and a ringing bell echoed all around. At the end a flickering light, and a shadows figure emerged to light his way. Through the narrow passage the murmurs grew, carrying messages either of salvation or damnation awaited him ahead. What mysteries or truths lay beyond the doorway, only stepping forth would reveal.


Welcome To The Hotel California

Such A Lovely Place (Such A Lovely Place)

Such A Lovely Face

Plenty Of Room At The Hotel California

Any Time Of Year (Any Time Of Year)

You Can Find It Here


The lavish hotel greeted travelers with its beauty and comforts, a paradise within the stark landscape. All were welcomed to its grandeur and indulgences that never ceased. Yet underneath lay peculiar rules and distortions of time, with visits that started freely but never freely ended. What seemed a haven also hid mysterious compulsions holding its guests in its glamorous but inescapable thrall.

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Her Mind Is Tiffany-Twisted

She Got The Mercedes-Benz, Uh

She Got A Lot Of Pretty, Pretty Boys

That She Calls Friends

How They Dance In The Courtyard

Sweet Summer Sweat

Some Dance To Remember

Some Dance To Forget


A woman of wealth and beauty surrounded herself with admirers in the balmy nights. Though lavished with gifts and suitors dancing attendance, inside her mind was in turmoil. While some partners glided for pleasure, others spun to lose themselves, all seeking amid the ephemeral frivolity what she seemed to lack, an ease to her complex inner demons and rest from the demons that danced there.


So I Called Up The Captain

Please Bring Me My Wine

He Said, We Haven’t Had That Spirit Here

Since 1969

And Still, Those Voices Are Calling

From Far Away

Wake You Up In The Middle Of The Night

Just To Hear Them Say


Memories of past joys haunted his nights, voices calling him back to pleasures gone. Seeking their company once more, he bid the captain bring the night’s lost spirit. But the reply revealed the ghostliness of his wishes – that soul had not walked there in decades. Still the distant pleasuring whispers echoed in the dark, stirring him from sleep just too long for what time and tide had rendered eternally absent.


Welcome To The Hotel California

Such A Lovely Place (Such A Lovely Place)

Such A Lovely Face

They’re Livin’ It Up At The Hotel California

What A Nice Surprise (What A Nice Surprise)

Bring Your Alibis


The Hotel California appeared a lavish dream, its beauty inviting respite from the outside world. Glamorous guests indulged without care within walls concealing lurking compulsions. While luxuries distracted, sinister rules applied for those who checked in, limiting exit for all the alibis they brought. Beneath shining surfaces, a dark core functioned to keep its visitors trapped in gilded cages of falsified paradise.


Mirrors On The Ceiling

The Pink Champagne On Ice

And She Said, We Are All Just Prisoners Here

Of Our Own Device

And In The Master’s Chambers

They Gathered For The Feast

They Stab It With Their Steely Knives

But They Just Can’t Kill The Beast


Trapped within decadence, the truth became unclear. Glittering illusions hid a dark underbelly where desires ruled. Amid luxuries and revelry, one voice cut through with piercing insight – that freedom was an illusion and they all played predetermined parts. Deeper in, a shadow stirred, immune to pretty knives; their lavish cell remained the true confinement, the real beast of their own inescapable nature.


Last Thing I Remember

I Was Running For The Door

I Had To Find The Passage Back

To The Place I Was Before

Relax,  Said The Night Man

We Are Programmed To Receive

You Can Check Out Any Time You Like

But You Can Never Leave!


As consciousness faded, an escape was sought from the strange dreams unfolding. But reaching the exit, a darker truth was revealed, there was no returning to what came before this realm. All could depart at will, the watchmen soothingly assured, yet an invisible barrier remained against permanently leaving their uncanny control.

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