The Masked Singer Season 11: A Highly Entertaining Ride Lacking a Standout Vocal Star

If there’s one reality TV show that has captured the imagination of America over the past few years, it’s “The Masked Singer.” This wildly popular competition series combines the thrills of a singing competition with the fun of an elaborate guessing game. 

Celebrities from all walks of fame don outrageous costumes to disguise their identities and perform for the audience and panel. It’s an outrageously zany premise that somehow works brilliantly.

While Season 11 of “The Masked Singer” has undoubtedly delivered its share of entertaining moments and crazy costume reveals, I can’t help but feel like it’s missing that special “wow” factor of an early standout vocal talent to get truly excited about. Let me explain…

The Fun of Season 11 So Far

Don’t get me wrong, this season has been a blast from the very start. The premiere episode had us rolling with the hilarious Gnome character waddling around and delivering a surprisingly solid performance of “Pawn Shop” by Sublime. We’ve seen some incredibly clever and well-designed costume characters like the regal Lemur and the adorable Squirrel.

One of the biggest joys of “The Masked Singer” is trying to decipher the endless stream of hints and clues to guess which celebrity is under the mask. Season 11 has kept us scratching our heads and debating the panel’s guesses fervently. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, the actual reveal leaves you stunned.

But Where Are the Jaw-Dropping Vocal Talents?

While the wacky fun and guessing game aspects have been on point, I can’t help but feel something is missing – a true standout vocalist to get really invested in and excited about. In previous seasons, there were clear frontrunners from early on that simply blew everyone away with their singing ability.

Think back to Season 2 when the Flamingo (later revealed as Adrienne Bailon) came out swinging with her powerful rendition of “Footloose.” Or in Season 5 when the legendary Piglet (portrayed by Nick Lachey) had us shook with his spin on “Faithfully” by Journey. Those were singular vocal talents you couldn’t take your eyes and ears off of.

Sure, we’ve heard some good singers in Season 11 so far, but no one has completely wowed me and left me desperately rooting for them like those past examples did right out of the gate. Call me picky, but I need at least one star recorder to get truly emotionally invested.

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The Problem with Lackluster Performers

You could argue that the guessing game and wild costumes are entertaining enough on their own for “The Masked Singer” to work. And you’d have a point – that formula has clearly captivated millions. But in my opinion, having a mediocre set of vocalists dampens the excitement and robs the show of higher stakes.

Part of the thrill is not just figuring out who is behind the mask, but getting literal chills from an unexpectedly amazing voice that takes you by surprise. It’s like watching one of those big vocal competition shows – you need at least a couple of jaw-droppingly talented performers to root for amidst the fun filler acts.

“The best seasons of ‘The Masked Singer’ have balanced the madcap costume cavalcade with a vocal ringer or two that makes you go ‘Wait, was that actually [celebrity x]? They sound incredible!'” – Entertainment blogger

Remaining Wildcard Singers Need to Deliver

There are still two wildcard contestants – Koala and Seal – that have yet to take the stage this season. I’m holding out hope that one of them could potentially deliver that long-awaited showstopper performance to turn things around.

Because if neither wows with something truly spectacular and memorable, this season is in danger of going down as one of the most vocally underwhelming runs yet. That would be a real shame considering all the other entertainment factors have been on point.

Season 11 Performers So FarRanking (1-10)

My subjective rankings of the Season 11 vocalists we’ve heard from so far. The remaining wildcards better deliver!

The Joe Bastianich Robbery

Speaking of letdowns, did anyone else feel robbed when Joe Bastianich (the former MLB player turned celebrity chef/reality star) was shockingly unmasked and eliminated a few weeks ago? Bastianich, performing as the Lizard character, had been a clear frontrunner and pitched as a potential winner by the panelists.

His vocals on songs like “We Didn’t Start the Fire” and “Piano Man” by Billy Joel showed off an impressive range and quality that seemed destined for the finals. But in a controversial decision, Bastianich was outscored and ousted by the very same Lizard he had bested just an episode earlier.

While the Lizard has certainly proved himself as a talented singer, it felt like an upset at the time and a potential missed opportunity for the season to have that elite-level vocalist fans could rally behind. Food for thought!

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The zany, family-friendly costume fun and guessing game premise is still intact. But I can’t shake the feeling that lacking an obvious elite vocal talent to get truly wowed and invested in puts a bit of a damper on the overall excitement.

Underdog success stories are always heartwarming. But having that one frontrunner you can clearly picture taking the whole thing just elevates the stakes and dramatic tension. There’s still time for someone like Koala or Seal to emerge as that larger-than-life star recorder…otherwise Season 11 runs the risk of being simply “good” when it had the potential to be truly great.

What do you think? Have any of the singers blown you away so far? Or do you agree this season is lacking that singular standout talent to root for? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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