Rod Wave – Great Gatsby Lyrics

The song Rod Wave – Great Gatsby explores the theme of unrequited love. The singer expresses deep feelings for a woman named Daisy but finds that she does not return his affection and instead prefers another suitor. 

Hoping to win her over, he throws lavish parties and spends extravagantly, but to no avail. This unreciprocated care and loneliness takes an emotional toll on the singer.

The song draws inspiration from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel The Great Gatsby, which also involves a wealthy man, Gatsby, pursuing a woman named Daisy who does not fully love him in return. 

Both the song and the novel examine the human experience of longing for someone’s care and attention when it is not given in kind. 

While avoiding direct reproduction, this summary aims to faithfully convey the introduction’s overall discussion of the song’s themes and literary influences.

Song Credits 

SongGreat Gatsby
Produced byTnTXD, TrillGotJuice, SephGotTheWaves, FlexOnDaTrack, Geo Vocals & Reach High Eli
WritersRod Wave, TnTXD, TrillGotJuice, SephGotTheWaves, FlexOnDaTrack, Geo Vocals & Reach High Eli
Release DateSeptember 15, 2023
Commercial PerformanceDebuted at #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart during the tracking week ending September 30, 2023

[Intro: Geo Vocals]

(Pipe that sh!t up, TnT)

I tell myself, “It’ll be alright”

Now it’s 3 A.M. and I still got no reply

But I spend my nights alone

(Trill got that juice, n!gga)

By myself, just another lonely day

Do I need help, because this ache won’t go away?

These shadows on my wall, my only curtain call

The crowd goes silent now

Waiting for you


This song captures the melancholy feeling of late night solitude. The singer notes that it is now 3 AM yet they have not received the desired contact from someone they are awaiting a response from. Left alone with their thoughts, they contemplate whether professional help could ease the lingering sadness in their heart.

As they pass the quiet hours by themselves in their room, the shifting shadows on the wall provide passive company of a sort, like a silent private show. An air of stillness pervades as the singer waits and hopes to connect with the person on their mind. 

The late night setting and visual imagery of shadows are employed to help listeners relate to the experience of missing someone and longing for communication during isolated moments before dawn.

[Verse: Rod Wave]

Where you at right now? Let me pull up and let’s talk about it

I finally got some time alone and I thought about it

I swear to God your love is war, it’s so much I can take

I been thugging for so long, bae, give me a break

Late nights, I reminisce about you, it’s hard to forget about you

I swear I can’t live with you, but I can’t live without you

Jump off a plane on an island and I’m here without you

Ain’t left my hotel in three days

I feel sick without you, sick without you

My stomach do this turning, I feel sick without you

My closest friend my worst enemy

I’m not okay when we apart, but I pretend to be, I

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This song expresses the longing one feels for a deeply cherished person when apart. The singer desires to see their loved one to discuss the nature of their bond. Having some free time now, they’ve been reflecting deeply on their caring relationship, which at times can feel challenging to navigate.

After shouldering responsibilities alone for so long, the singer seeks an emotional respite. At night when surroundings grow still, memories surface of the meaningful connection they share. The singer realizes fully living without their presence feels untenable.

Though on a solo vacation in a picturesque location, distance from their loved one leaves an ache. Over successive days in isolation, unease has grown within. Absence of the caring presence who brings comfort strengthens the singer’s desire for reunion, as togetherness seems integral to well-being. Their caring runs profoundly.

[Chorus: Rod Wave]

I threw the party of the century

And people came over, no one left sober

And it was all for you

It was all for you

I been under this rock for so long, don’t let the world in

Close the door, don’t let the world in

Let’s go and hide in again

Rekindle our flame and light my fire again

Oh, come light my fire again


In this part, the singer reflects on organically creating a joyous celebration of togetherness for their cherished person. The event brought many together and was so enjoyable that by night’s end, all present remained animated in spirit.

The singer took care in orchestrating this for their loved one’s sake alone. For long beforehand, wary of outside perceptions, they had sheltered private matters. But with this meaningful connection, the singer hopes to once more retreat from superficial pressures and reconnect intimately.

Their hope is that through rekindled closeness, dormant feelings will reawaken. As this person is uniquely able to stir their soul, separation lately has allowed doubt to surface where once admiration flourished unconditionally. By coming together in sincerity again, the singer hopes reopened lines of caring could help each remember what first brought solace.

[Outro: Rod Wave]

I threw the party of the century

And people came over, no one left sober

And it was all for you

It was all for you

I threw the party of the century

And people came over, no one left sober

And it was all for you

It was all for you


In this concluding reflection, the singer reiterates sentiments shared earlier to underline his cherished feelings. He recalls facilitating a gathering of joyful togetherness that brought friends and community delight.

All present joined fully in the spirit of celebration, bonding in shared merriment. Though many gathered, the singer’s priorities lay elsewhere – with nourishing the deep caring felt for another.

By repetition of earlier themes, he emphasizes all effort made was but to bring happiness to this meaningful connection. Through orchestrating an occasion evoking such rapture, his hope was to convey through actions how profoundly their bond has come to matter.

Only desires to see the light within his loved one’s eyes shine bright guided endeavours. In remembrance of pleasures shared amongst the community, deeper hopes are that caring words might in time find a receptive home within the private space between souls joined by affection’s ties.

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Why is The Great Gatsby so famous?

It provides a compelling glimpse into the lavish yet empty lifestyle of the 1920s jazz age.

Is The Great Gatsby a good read?

Yes, it’s considered one of the greatest novels of the 20th century due to its lyrical writing and themes of disillusionment.

Should I read The Great Gatsby?

Yes, it’s a classic that still resonates today in its examination of the American dream and the decadence of the roaring twenties era.

Why is Gatsby so rich?

His wealth was mysteriously amassed, adding to his allure and mystery. It’s insinuated that his fortune came from illegal bootlegging and other activities.

Is The Great Gatsby hard to read?

Not particularly – the writing is beautiful and engaging. Some historical/contextual details may require extra attention but overall it’s very accessible.

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