Sofia The First Theme Lyrics

In the captivating lyrics of the theme song, Sofia shares her excitement and apprehension as she navigates her newfound royal life. From learning the ropes of royalty to discovering the wonders of her majestic castle and attending a school tailored for princesses, Sofia’s adventures are filled with magic and discovery. Join her as she embraces her destiny and strives to prove that she is truly Sofia the First.

Sofia The First Theme Song


I was a girl in the village doing alright
Then I became a princess overnight
Now I gotta figure out how to do it right
So much to learn and see
Up in the castle with my new family
In a school that’s just for royalty
A whole enchanted world is waiting for me
I’m so excited to be (Sofia the First)
I’m finding out what being royal’s all about (Sofia the First)
Making my way, it’s an adventure every day (Sofia)
It’s gonna be my time (Sofia)
To show them all that I’m Sofia the First

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